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Farfetch is a British-Portuguese online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world. The company was founded in 2007 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves with its headquarters in London and main branches in Porto, Guimarães, Braga, Lisbon, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, São Paulo and Dubai.


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Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Place is run like a prison. I'm surprised it hasn't been acknowledged that much. Everybody has to go on break and lunch at the exact same time, like cows, and they have unrealistic expectations of workers. They also hire a lot of freelancers... way more than is needed, so the owner can skimp on paying into employee benefits, and cut ties with them whenever they feel like it. They give these freelancers the illusion of flexible scheduling, when really it's just a way to keep them expendable. It's smart business, but not smart for company culture or sustainability. In my opinion it says a lot about the owners. My friend and I were both there at the same time and noticed the same unhealthy company practices.They had a few vending machines, and a bathroom.Place is in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to grab food, pay is underwhelming, quotas are unrealistic, flaky scheduling"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Unless you are desperate for a job don't come here. Not a good place to be and you can trust no one. Problems will never get solved and ideas will never be heard. Also HR is very questionable."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"When you start at Farfetch you feel like everything is great, the company seems fantastic and people are nice, but then you start to understand that it's all skin deep. Everything is scripted, from the way they interview you, to the way they receive you in the company, and the way they manage you. To give an example, I was managed by two people while I worked there and both used the same expression on the one-on-one meetings we regularly have, "When I look at my old code I like to feel ashamed of it because that means that I improved". When you hear it the first time it's ok, but when you see it being used by everyone you feel like you know what people are going to say even at the start of the sentence. This is just an example, there were a lot more. That was not a major issue though, you get used to it. One of the things that really bothered me was that I was being micromanaged, that included being told what to do on weekends, on my own family time. I never brought any family related stuff to Farfetch so it made no sense that Farfetch issues were brought to my home, specially when I never failed with any delivery. I always implemented my taks during the sprints, and I mean always. The worst thing that I had to deal at Farfetch was with a corporate psycopath. Had a coleague in my team who frequently screamed at the most basic stuff, even when he was the one responsible for the issue. He frequently tried to ashame me in front of other people, distorted words, and acused me a doing things I really didn't. For example, he accused me of implementing things that weren't discussed"

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"It’s a call center sooooo that’s what you’ll be getting yourself into. Pay is awful and doesn’t match the level of work put in. Hours rotate so good luck with having a life. Unorganized mess of a place."

Client Services Associate (Former Employee) says

"there was no career advancement, the place was a revolving door. they management did not pay a fair wage to the people working there and there was a lot of favoritism."

Customer Serivce Representative (Current Employee) says

"Great company not so great leadership farfetch is built on how well you are liked with in the company not your work ethic if you don't kiss their butt you will never have any chance of moving up.Free Family Lunch on WednesdaysShort Breaks, Low Pay, Micromanage Management"

Freelance Fashion Photographer (Former Employee) says

"Although Farfetch is a diverse work environment, the company does not appreciate or support their individual employees. They take your work for granted and do not promote a culture of advancement. Sadly, you will be stuck in the role you began with. Furthermore, communication is grossly lacking through management; you will not know where you stand as an employee. Also, there is little to no acknowledgment or encouragement for your work, which hinders motivation. Favoritism runs supreme at Farfetch; if you are not chosen from the get-go then you won’t be accepted into their circle. Despite the aforementioned, they do have free lunch on Wednesdays, so there’s that."

Customer Service Advisor & Pre-Order Specialist (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is average. What I learned is average. Management is average. Workplace culture is average. The hardest part of the job is average. The most enjoyable part of the job is average."

Senior IT Program/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"I don´t want to provide specific review about Farfetch. It was not a good work experience to me. The company culture is very toxic.flexible hours.poor management and toxic environment"

Customer Loyalty And Rentention Specialist (Current Employee) says

"If you are looking to advance your career in the Fashion ecom industry, this is not the company to work for. Lack of career advancement and leadership.Free lunch on WednesdayNo room for career advancement, underpaid, no voice"

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Farfetch used to be a nicer place to work. Inexperienced and lazy developers are getting hired, decreasing quality over time. The workload is unequal among the teams and their members.BenefitsLong hours"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"No geral é uma empresa boa de se trabalhar, que cuida bem de seus colaboradores e tem diversas atividades extra expediente. É sem dúvida uma empresa dinâmica e desafiadora, desafiando principalmente a sua paciência em ter de refazer o mesmo trabalho algumas vezes por pura falta de entendimento entre equipas. É um problema comum em empresas horizontais, mas que poderia ser mitigado com equipas mais integradas e sem tantos egos, mas com pessoas que tenham capacidade de decisão e maturidade para entender problemas e dificuldades.Ambiente corporativoEquipas muito jovens e sem maturidade corporativa"

Brand Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Farfetch is a good job overall. The environment is very relaxed and the training is priceless in terms of making important decisions and providing "White Glove" service for clients."

Order Manager (Former Employee) says

"work enviroment was casual but expectation is to work longer hours during busy times. pay raises are not easily negotiated. can feel like movement from position is not an option.free lunches once a weekno raises"

Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Complessivamente il lavoro mi piaceva. Ho imparato come funziona un e-commerce internazionale. Stipendio basso."

Yoora Pak says

"Multiple times that I placed order I get the wrong item. This happened 4-5 times. I have to return the item and get the refund due to this mistake. Once I ordered a lamp and a candle came! Please make sure you are sending the correct order item!"

Lily says

"Do not buy from this company if you aren't 100%. Item delivery was speedy, but unfortunately didn't fit, I returned via DHL with the original packing documents. Tracking via DHL confirms the items were received - radio silence from FarFetch. After calling on multiple occasions, I still haven't got anywhere. Items were received two weeks ago, with no refund, which is a violation of consumer law."

Adam Finn says

"Buyer beware, dont deal with this company. Ive been waiting three weeks for a refund, all you get is thank you for your patience emails. No Money. I am having to contact my bank to get a refund. You have been warned."

aileen avekians says

"I recently bought a very expensive pair of brand new designers boot, but to my disappointment it came without its original box and packaging."

C J says

"Ordered a Prada Saffiano bag, bag arrive fine but there were marks over the strap. Asked what could be done, customer service took a while to respond and said I could return for a full refund (which I didn't want as the bag itself was fine - only the strap had defects) - due to the item being sold out at the time of arrival I asked for a partial small refund to compensate for the condition of the strap and they said no. Then ignored my response Wont purchase from them again"

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